strata< not merely within the immanent plane of geology but with the means of art and painting. He combines (a) a hyperphenomenal and imaginary geology and map-making in painting in Sérgio Costa´s >Strata< series from its beginning in 2008 until 2015 - with (b) strata as historical formations and its scientific historical epistemologies of a genealogy of concrete material things from Steno onwards in geology up to stratified medicine today in big-data stratification, while taking into account levels, modes and techniques of knowledge organization and by that (c) thinking stratification, re-stratification and de-stratification and beyond within gestures of contemporary geophilosophy. Sérgio Costa’s >Strata< ask us two questions: Are we prepared for >vulcanic< events? How are we able to experience long-time change?"/>

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