5 Ways To Benefit from a Makeover of Your Job Application Documents

5 Ways To Benefit from a Makeover of Your Job Application Documents

The Bigger Picture Aspects Involved in Professional Help for Your Resume / CV

Astrid Schmidtchen

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This free e-book introduces the concept of getting a professional makeover for your job application documents: What are five bigger picture aspects to keep in mind? It is not a how-to guidebook with examples on how to fix your resume, but serves as an introduction to the upcoming CareerLove series. The concept of getting professional help for a job application is new to many people and sometimes clarification is needed. In her work helping thousands of clients from different backgrounds for over 10 years, job application specialist Astrid Schmidtchen covers five main areas where clients may benefit.

For readers searching for concrete DIY solutions: In upcoming publications, the series will be providing guidelines and worksheets to help you with improving your job application documents.

What we cover in this e-book: Discover some ways to automatically benefit from a job application document makeover. An old resume or cover letter version may no longer work well for you. Do you wonder why some candidate applications are chosen over others? Sometimes all you need is a fresh perspective in uncovering what you offer the job market. It`s much more than just getting some new words on paper. A new version can boost the energy of your job search and allow you to reach the right companies with confidence. You will also learn what to look for in selecting the right professional to help you and what a professional solution should include.

ABOUT THE CareerLove Self-Help & Workbook Series:
The upcoming series is a first step to get you started on your job hunt strategy. Gain clarity to key questions such as: What are companies & recruiters looking for? What specific things will get you a positive response? Whatever your background, use these practical, set-your-own-pace tools to develop new, high-impact content and give shape to your ideas and strategies.

The series features checklists, ebooks, workbooks & brainstorming journals for printout:
- brainstorming, mindmapping & creating unique content for your job application, job search, interviews & social media
- creative ideas, strategies, planning and organization for freelancer projects, creatives, artists & entrepreneurs
- finding your niche, USP and marketing yourself as a freelancer and entrepreneur

Now available: Free PDF downloads featuring checklists, planning and brainstorming tools for your projects and work-life balance, plus new release updates. Visit the CareerLove Shop: www.careerlove.info
Astrid Schmidtchen

Astrid Schmidtchen

Astrid Schmidtchen is the founder of CareerLove Writing Services. She is a resume consultant, writer and editor who loves helping people move their careers forward. For over 10 years she has helped thousands of clients around the world by creating original content for job applications, social media and online business profiles. With an M.A. in International Relations from the University of Toronto and following a non-traditional path herself, she encourages a wholistic approach in which authenticity and self-understanding directs your professional journey. Astrid runs a successful online business, hosts workshops and enjoys brainstorming with clients in person.

For more information about the author visit:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/AstridCareerLove
Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/careerlove
Twitter: twitter.com/astridcvcoach
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/astridschmidtchen

For more FREE CareerLove Resources: Visit careerlove.info/shop for free downloads featuring resume & CV checklists, planning & brainstorming tools for your projects and work-life balance activities and free samples from the LinkedIn Background Images Collections.

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