A short note on Africa for kids

A short note on Africa for kids

Stephen Ekokobe Awung


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ISBN-13: 9783732294800

Verlag: Books on Demand

Erscheinungsdatum: 15.05.2019

Sprache: Englisch

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A short note on Africa for kids is a text intended to give a brief and objective information about the history and society of Africa to kids living in the West. The idea to write this piece came from the false information about Africa that I usually get from my 7 years old daughter like the assertion that Africans live with wild animals like a lion at home.
We know that international aid agencies and developmental organisations use (put) emotional pictures on public boards like half-naked African kids looking for food in public waste containers in order to attract donations. While such pictures might be real, it does not give an objective image of Africa. I believe this situation has contributed to the negative and false impression of Africa, not only for kids but some adult too.
The sole task of this booklet is to give a true picture of Africa to our kids. Parents are advised to read this note with their kids. If we as African parents do not correct this misconception of Africa to our kids, they will believe the lies told on the streets and some times by the Western media.
Africa is a beautiful continent despite poverty, socio-economic and political unrest facing the continent today. The rich natural and human resources make Africa a potentially rich continent.
Stephen Ekokobe Awung

Stephen Ekokobe Awung

Stephen Ekokobe Awung was educated in Cameroon and Germany. He is a web developer and political analyst. He has written many critical essays and literary works that have been published in many international journals and anthologies. He is a member of the International Society of Poets.
Stephen is a community organiser and executive chairman of the African People's Convention in Kassel, Germany. He is also an elected member of the foreigners' advisory council in the municipality of Kassel, Germany that represents the interest of migrants. Steeve, as he is fondly called has won many awards in poetry and has also presented his literary works in many occasions in Germany. You can please contact the author for comments or errors through email: awung@apc-kassel.com

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