Academic Presenting and Presentations

Academic Presenting and Presentations

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Peter Levrai, Averil Bolster


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ISBN-13: 9783734783678

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Erscheinungsdatum: 14.04.2015

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Academic Presenting and Presentations (APP) is a research-based training course designed to help students cultivate academic presentation skills and deal with the various presentation tasks they may be expected to fulfil as part of their university or college studies. The material is suitable for a global audience and can be used in a wide range of contexts in the field of Communcation Skills, English Language Teaching and English for Academic Purposes. The instructional and practice material included not only helps students to develop their presentation skills but also deals with broader topics of interest in a study-oriented context, such as research and plagiarism. The unique content emphasises higher level task-achievement rather than discrete language points, since experience shows that this is the area most students find especially difficult.

Each unit of Academic Presenting and Presentations focuses on a different presentation genre, building the students’ awareness of how to present effectively whilst at the same time focusing attention on the specific requirements of addressing an audience in an academic environment.

The accompanying videos form an integral component of this course and consist of two types of presentation: Learning Presentations, which give advice to students, and Sample Presentations, which illustrate different types of presentation.

The downloadable videos are included in the online support materials.
Peter Levrai

Peter Levrai

With a career in TEFL/TESOL spanning the best part of twenty years, Peter Levrai has taught English in general, corporate and academic contexts in Europe, Central Asia and China. With a master’s degree in English Language Teaching and Materials Development, his particular area of interest is in developing specialised courses for highly specific needs. In addition to Academic Presenting and Presentations, his publications include a book on teaching English for the energy industry. He has also conducted research at the Academic Support Clinic of the University of Nottingham Ningbo China and been actively involved in developing and delivering academic literacy workshops for speakers of other languages.

Averil Bolster

Averil Bolster

Averil Bolster has been teaching English since the mid nineteen-nineties and has worked in countries as diverse as Portugal, Turkey, China, Vietnam and Azerbaijan on a wide range of EFL/ESL programs, including exam preparation, English for Academic Purposes and technical and engineering English. She holds an MA in ELT Materials Development from Leeds Metropolitan University and an International Diploma in Language Teaching Management. In addition to co-authoring the present course, she has developed and piloted a variety of teaching materials designed to promote successful learning and enhance the educational experience for speakers of other languages. She is currently senior instructor of English Language at the University of Macau.

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