Agile Leadership in Practice

Agile Leadership in Practice

Applying Management 3.0

Dominik Maximini

Wirtschaft & Management


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ISBN-13: 9783752888096

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Erscheinungsdatum: 24.08.2018

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This book is a comprehensive experience report, describing the agile transformation journey we at NovaTec, a 200-person strong consulting organization, have taken to date and continue to endeavor upon. Leaders and agile coaches who read it will benefit from both our success and our failure stories. Revolving around nine main chapters, each one focuses on specific aspects of our change. These include establishing values in business, holistic people recruitment and retention, innovation of performance appraisals, re-thinking organizational structure, re-design of leadership roles, streamlining measurement and reward systems, and enhancing career paths. The ninth chapter takes you deeper into some specific processes we changed, such as company decision-making, SMILE (company improvement budget at the discretion of employees), project selection, holiday leave and career coaching. In changing all this, we relied heavily on Management 3.0, a collection of management principles and practices which fit perfectly in an agile world.
If you want to move beyond the theory and learn from other organizations on how they are approaching their agile transformation, then this book is for you. It is very hands on throughout and allows you to derive your own change experiments directly from it. This includes experiments that you might be best off avoiding.
Dominik Maximini

Dominik Maximini

Dominik Maximini is a highly experienced Agile leader, coach, Scrum Master, trainer and author. He works at NovaTec Consulting GmbH, where he enables teams to live up to Agile values and improve their processes accordingly. His Agile journey began back in 2007 when, as part of a small team of innovators, he took an idea out of the company research department and founded a corporate startup. The organization that emerged went on to win an "innovative business design" award. Since then, Dominik has continued to refine his Agile transformation and leadership skills on a daily basis with his customers and NovaTec. His vision is to instill the Agile values - like openness and respect - into all company environments he engages with. Today, he leads the team of Agile coaches at NovaTec. This allows him to experience first-hand everything that he shares with customers.
His main assets are his passion for economical thinking and efficiency, paired with excellent analytical skills, all practiced in a broad organizational change context. This has allowed him to introduce Agile practices like Evo, Scrum and Management 3.0 into enterprises of varying sizes and industry focus. Dominik has also published several books and articles in the Scrum and Agile domain.

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