Amber Ark

Amber Ark

Ark of Hoof Prints

Evelyn G Lohmann


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Ark of Hoof Prints. Book Five. Amber Ark.
The Iron Man wants to make the Old Emperor pay for the death of his father and for banishing his family. He’s plans are twisted by She-With-The-Sight, she uses her own kin to take her revenge on the Iron Man cruelty. She let the Iron Man take the boy, but ReeMara has the power, she will carry the amber stones to the city to place under the temple.

The girl does not know she has been manipulated till the sward is in her hand pointing at the Iron Man’ hart. He killed her family, destroyed her village, he took her brother. The real danger to the city and her and those ReeMara loves is She-With-The-Sight!

She-With-The-Sight wants the twins ReeMara’s younger children. She-With-The-Sight wants to disgrace ReeMara and ReeArk, put the twins in their places as Emperor and Empress.
Control the trading city or destroy it as she wishes.
Evelyn G Lohmann

Evelyn G Lohmann

Don’t let your small mistakes shadow your creativity.
I love to write, dyslectic or not and to paint. But I got far more than I bargained for when I said, I would write a book.
I needed help! The book became a saga Ark Of Hoof Prints as it was written the Dyslectic Support Dictionary was collecting my mistakes, they are now in picture and words you don’t have to run around an grumpy dictionary!

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