Become A Bestselling Children's Book Author

Become A Bestselling Children's Book Author

How to Write, Publish, and Promote a Book for Kids

Ursula Zimmer


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ISBN-13: 9783753477244

Verlag: Books on Demand

Erscheinungsdatum: 06.04.2021

Sprache: Englisch

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Of the many genres of writing a potential writer can break into, children's literature may be one of the most exciting and rewarding, yet it can also be one of the most difficult ones to gain a foothold. It takes passion, persistence, talent and a deep knowledge of the publishing requirements and atmosphere.

This book is an invitation to that world, offering the education and background you need to succeed as a children's author. Creating a bestselling children's book may seem like a far-flung dream, yet proper preparation is the first step in making that dream a reality.

From understanding the importance of children's books to planning your story, expanding your creativity to discovering your sub-niche, this book will guide you through each and every step along the journey, including the final steps of publication and promotion.

Children need and want to read books, books you can write for them, with the right planning an preparation.
Ursula Zimmer

Ursula Zimmer

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