The Mill below Owl castle

The Mill below Owl castle

Zol's Sentimental Education

Z J Galos

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The mill below Owl Castle had been a milestone in the life of first cousins, Teeb and Zol. Its giant waterwheel is a focal point of a wondrous machine that drives the millstones in the adjacent building with its dark and magical atmosphere, where the myth of Ram, the giant, lies buried. This is the place which fascinates Zol and Annie, who share besides the gory legend - as they experience through their games of hide-and-seek - the excitement of their waking hearts with Annie's curiosity for intimacy, as her older brother Luke had boasted to know about. Teeb, on the other hand, will meet his friend Luke for fishing.
At their innocent age, Zol experiences Annie not only as his mentor for sensuous games but a close friend with a growing bond of keeping their intimacies a sworn secret. With Zol Annie will meet Uncle Frank, who will entertain them with stories about the Red Baron and Ram the giant.
Invited to the home of Aunt Lil, Uncle Frank's vivacious girlfriend, Annie and Zol experience the excitement of their first physical love, having been stimulated to do as Aunt and Uncle were doing.
When Zol meets Alena in a chat room on the Internet, he recalls his time with Annie and he meets her during his summer holidays returning from boarding school. Alternating between Annie, his former love and Alena, his present one, he feels inspired for his artistic endeavors.
Annie will be marrying a businessman, and Zol will meet Alena in real life and fall head over heels in love with her. He has left behind his teenage-loves ad his sexual adventures with Maly, a mature woman, who had taught him all about loving a woman, so he would overcome the sexual advances of Gill, seducer of boarding schoolboys.
Zol having advanced to Zed, experiences his great love with Alena, embodying all his previous loves. Following his mother's wishes, he enters his first semester at the Technical University in Vienna, studying architecture, while with his friends he visits workshops for art. Will he meet Annie again? Will Alena, the woman with the greatest influence on his best years with physical love, endure with him all ups and downs during his adventurous life in Africa?
Z J Galos

Z J Galos

Born in Eastern Austria, close to the Hungarian border, he witnessed as a young man, the horrors of a nation's suppression, erupting in the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. He finished his education in art and architecture in Vienna, married and sailed for the Cape of Africa, an adventure that followed his childhood dreams. He had drawn African animals for his art classes, but the time had come to see them in their natural habitat.
Meeting a varied facet of people and cultures, working as a draughtsman in an engineering office, as an architect for a cultural center, as a coordinator of craftsmen and professionals, he made good use of his language skills traveling throughout Southern Africa.
During a trip to Lesotho, a native artist showed him rock paintings with their stark palimpsest outlines and with typified movements of animals and humans. It made a lasting impression on him and influenced his artistic work.
His vast collection of drawings and slides had been lost during a change of domiciles, but further studies about the art of the San-people reawakened his dormant artistic longing for expression of his art, filling sketchbooks with drawings and notepads with poetry and prose.
During a visit to Greece, he was accepted into a circle of artists and poets, who encouraged him to continue with his art and a friend introduced him to the works of famous Greek poets. In South Africa, he joined writing and poetry workshops of 'Writers Write'. It was to open the floodgates of his creativity.
He settled 2013/14 in Klosterneuburg-Weidling, a romantic village, part of the culturally important city of Klosterneuburg, where he now lives and works.

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