Belt Voice Training

Belt Voice Training

Singing with a Belting Voice

Christin Bonin


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Since 1987 Christin Bonin has been teaching as a certified vocal coach and working as a professional opera singer.
Loving modern music, if it is musical, pop, soul, jazz or rock, has always been very important for her and she respects every mu- sic style despite, or better said, because of her own classical musical education.
She herself practices this method of healthy belt voice training alongside her classical training, and it has also been used by her students successfully and professionally. She has developed explanations and specific exercises to reach the real belt sound.
Unlike many other musical and pop techniques which offer differing technical approaches without a classical background, and that present exercises without any explanation of how the sounds are actually made, Christin Bonin has made modern vocal sound technically understandable and attainable for all singers.
This book, full of belt voice exercises, is especially suitable for the singer of modern repertoire who is looking for a well-founded technique that, when used properly, will strengthen and simultaneously protect the voice.
Belt Voice Training is suitable for all classically trained singers, who would like to belt without damaging their classical voice.
Belting and Belcanto are not opposites that exclude each other! Belting does NOT have to be unhealthy!
With these exercises, every classically trained vocal coach can help his students sing modern repertoire with modern sounds, in good conscious, without using the opera voice sound as a basis.
Belting simply means to belt out a song.
This is, and has always been, the greatest concern of all singers in classical music as well as Musicals, Pop, Soul, Jazz and Rock.
Let us belt out.
Christin Bonin

Christin Bonin

After her university degree as a voice teacher and opera singer, Christin Bonin sang Opera, Operetta and Musical on Tour, worked with Udo Jürgens and became member of the Staatstheater Karlsruhe and the Bavarian State Opera. She lived 8 years in France, opening her first vocal studio and came back to Munich in 2004, where she opened the Star me up Vocal School. In 2009, she wrote the first edition of her book Belt Voice Training - Singing with a Belting Voice and 2011 Singing makes you happy. She made her M.A. in Musicology in 2016 and works currently on her PhD Thesis in Theater Science about the Broadway Belt.

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