Catholics SOS

Catholics SOS

Save your Soul

Hubertus Huber

Spiritualität & Esoterik


166 Seiten

ISBN-13: 9783756293834

Verlag: Books on Demand

Erscheinungsdatum: 24.08.2022

Sprache: Englisch

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The Catholic Church has a visible head, the Pope, and an invisible head, Jesus Christ. In order for the Church to safely fulfill its mission, Christ promised His assistance and sent the Holy Spirit. With the assistance of the Holy Spirit, the popes taught that religious freedom is a false doctrine worthy of condemnation. The Council of 1965, rejected this teaching.
Hubertus Huber, has asked himself, can God (the Holy Spirit) err? When God errs, he is not God. He never changes his decisions. Only people can err. Hubertus Huber wrote some writings in which he dealt with this subject. Soon he stood alone with his "aberrant" thoughts.
In this situation he asked God for help. He promised to burn everything if he did not find proof for the correctness of his writings. A few days later he met a priest who told him they had overlooked an important argument and he brought him a calendar with the coronation oath of the popes. The Coronation Oath is a contract between Christ and His Vicar. According to this contract, any change in doctrine, rites and tradition, leads to "BANN or excommunication.
This punishment hit in 1965, 2,400 bishops who had voted in the Council, against the teaching of the Church. In order to cover up the bishops' ban, the coronation oath was embezzled and deleted from the doctrine. Today it is unknown among theologians and universities. The embezzlement was an attack on God and His teaching.
For Hubertus Huber the miraculous guidance, to the coronation oath of the popes, was the requested proof for the correctness, of his writings. In this book, the decline of the Catholic Church to a priestless sect, is described in detail.
Hubertus Huber

Hubertus Huber

The author Hubertus Huber was born in 1938 in Freiburg i. Br. His religion teacher was, Dr. Ernst Föhr, the later vicar general of Archbishop Schäufele in Freiburg. Dr. Föhr explained to his students: the Church is always attacked by Satan.
As long as we can eliminate the heretics (unbelievers) in time, the Holy Church will not change. If it does not succeed, it will develop into a sect.
This was said by Dr. Föhr in 1955, 10 years before the Council. It did not succeed in eliminating the heretics. A great guilt for the decay of the Church is borne by those who, by their silence, covered for the heretics and thus supported them.
In 1969, leaving Sunday Mass, for the first time at the people's altar and with instructions for hand communion, an elderly gentleman said, This is a new republic.
What do you mean, the author wanted to know? The gentleman replied, Christ the King has been overthrown. His enemies are taking over the leadership in the Church. They will open the door to evil.
Since then, the author has observed the disintegration of the Church and has tried to document this development.

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