Conservation of Kashmir Himalayan Endemic Plants

Conservation of Kashmir Himalayan Endemic Plants

Dr. Abdul Rashid Dar, G. H. Dar


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ISBN-13: 9783960671107

Verlag: Anchor Academic Publishing

Erscheinungsdatum: 06.03.2017

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Although a compendium of the extent of endemism in the Himalaya is not known, it is believed that the majority of dicot endemic species of India are concentrated in the Himalaya. A significant proportion of the Kashmir Himalayan endemics are endangered due to a multitude of factors and several of them are now listed in the Red Data Books at regional, national and international levels.
For this study, ex situ conservation efforts were attempted by raising plants of some economically important, critically endangered endemic angiosperms species of the Kashmir Himalaya from rhizomes, seeds or other reproductive propagules in the experimental plot at Kashmir University Botanical Garden (KUBG). Nine species belonging to 9 genera and 7 families were dealt with. The paucity of critical information necessitated the present study to explicate the macro-level factors constraining the populations of the target species through extensive field survey trips, and also to undertake measures for ex situ propagation and conservation in order to support their recovery and restoration and provide long-term backup collections for sustained use by the local populace.
Dr. Abdul Rashid Dar

Dr. Abdul Rashid Dar

Doctorate in Botany, Abdul Rashid Dar is Assistant Professor in Higher Education Department of Jammu and Kashmir, India. He has published about 20 research papers in varied journals of repute and participated in many state and national level conferences, seminars and workshops. Besides teaching at undergraduate level for last 10 years he is currently involved in a few research projects as PI and Co-PI. Prof. G. H. Dar is Director, Centre for Biodiversity Studies (CBS); Dean, School of Biosciences and Biotechnology; Coordinator, DBT-supported PG Teaching Programme, Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah University (BGSBU) Rajouri, Jammu & Kashmir, India

G. H. Dar

G. H. Dar

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