Cupcake And Muffin Bakery: 100 Delicious Cupcakes & Muffins Recipes From Savory, Vegetarian To Vegan In One Cookbook

Cupcake And Muffin Bakery: 100 Delicious Cupcakes & Muffins Recipes From Savory, Vegetarian To Vegan In One Cookbook

Healthy Food Lounge (Hrsg.)


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Cupcake And Muffin Bakery: 100 Delicious Cupcakes & Muffins Recipes From Savory, Vegetarian To Vegan In One Cookbook

Delicious cupcakes & muffins should not be missing on any birthday. They are welcome at any time of the day, whether as a starter or snack. The variety of ingredients for cupcakes and muffins is huge. Fresh fruits such as apricots and bananas are just as suitable as olives, nuts and cheese.

The cupcake and muffin recipe book presents a large selection of exquisite recipes with which you can conjure up delicious cupcakes or muffins on the table without much effort. The steps are described in detail and easy to follow.

That awaits you:

- Baking tips
- The perfect cupcake and muffin filling
- Recipes for sugar-free baking
- Tips for vegan baking
- Vegetarian cupcake and muffin recipes
- Large selection of different cupcake and muffin recipes for every occasion

Be surprised about the many cupcake & muffin variations presented in this baking book. While browsing through it, you will certainly feel like baking some recipes right away. The small cakes can be prepared with little equipment and time.

This recipe baking book will make your cupcakes & muffins an absolute delicacy.

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Healthy Food Lounge (Hrsg.)

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Nowadays, most people find it difficult to eat a healthy and balanced diet. Although the shelves of the supermarkets have never been filled with more variety than today, lack of time as well as professional and private stress make sure that nutrition is hardly ever given the importance it deserves. All too often, we then find ourselves trying to satisfy our hunger with fast food. And everyone knows that fast food is unhealthy and puts extra pounds on the hips.

No matter if it is about health, sports, losing weight or generally about nutrition, we are happy to help. In order to let others participate, we offer a selection of cookbooks. With these we want to show: You don't have to be a professional chef to prepare tasty meals in a short time, which are healthy and help you lose weight. In addition, these cookbooks and health books provide information on topics such as different diets, weight reduction and a healthy lifestyle. Because healthy also goes through the mouth.

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