Decode your Happiness Code!

Decode your Happiness Code!

Vanessa Bauer


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ISBN-13: 9783746065755

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Erscheinungsdatum: 03.01.2018

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"About the book" Decode your Happiness Code!

This book is aimed at people who no longer place their happiness in the hands of others, but want to achieve this goal out of their own motivation. Don't postpone your happy life until tomorrow, live today in the HERE and NOW!

Enjoying the LIFE - instead of constantly renounce, optimizing, pondering ... That's how it works without a guilty conscience!

# Mindfulness & Deceleration in everyday life - I am offline!
# Fulfilled Partnership - What makes a relationship really happy
# The art of self-motivation - What really inspires us & how to train the drive for action
# Guide to happiness for more satisfaction & joy in life
# Overcome and free yourself from fears, panic attacks & phobias in your life
# Financial freedom & minimalism pure - How you declutter your life, home, mind & soul
# Stay fit, healthy & vital - Inspirations for a healthy lifestyle
# The positive aspects of self-love - Boosting self-confidence and self-esteem

Start today by making the most of your life and building a positive mindset. Be happy and will be ... starts in the HEAD! A new easy life has a liberating effect: Less ballast, less pressure, more zest for life and light-heartedness.

Get this book NOW and (finally) become a happy person again!
Vanessa Bauer

Vanessa Bauer

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