Discover the energy of the four animals

Discover the energy of the four animals

Theory and practice of Qigong Dancing

Gertrud Schröder


160 Seiten

ISBN-13: 9783746036847

Verlag: Books on Demand

Erscheinungsdatum: 20.12.2017

Sprache: Englisch

Farbe: Ja

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It only needs a few pages,
a few minutes,
only small moves

....until Gertrud Schröder reminds us, that bear, crane, tiger and snake are very old friends even for modern people.
Deep rooted in our spiritual life,
they move us by their power and stories.

So, these four animal images in Qigong Dancing are guiding us
to connect with ourselves and others,
with our prehistory and myths,
with fears and desires.

They wake up the joy of physical expression,
offering alternative strategies of action,
let us experience vitality.
The energy of the four animals is a history of life and a pool of experiences.
It takes us on a journey of intertwined western and eastern knowledge
and opens up for new perspectives.

Those who follow the tracks of those animals can discover new attitudes towards life and ways,
because they are grounded in something that keeps us in motion and is easy to access:
Gertrud Schröder

Gertrud Schröder


Her first experience with ZEN meditation and martial arts happened when she was 22. After working on different techniques, she went along with martial arts, finally. Throughout many years of learning and teaching in different countries, her inspiration lead her to integrate her personal experience into her work. In practicing ZEN mediation she developed new perspectives and made it to the basic principle of her life. After all she became a ZEN nun at the temple ´La Grendonniere´ in France.
Since 1989 she is giving classes in martial arts and meditation on a regular, annual basis.
Her institute of martial arts was found in 1994 with the name Friedlicher Drache (engl. peaceful dragon).
She also works in schooling and with handicapped persons.
In 2016 she started to create stage plays that are being performed by her students and being attended by musicians.

In 2017, her new book „Discover the Power of the Four Animals“ has been published.

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