Emergency Call 5015

Emergency Call 5015

Jörg Fehr

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ISBN-13: 9783743129238

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Erscheinungsdatum: 13.03.2021

Sprache: Englisch

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This book talks about some significant experiences during my childhood and how God has formed me for a future life in Africa and as ADRA executive director. It shows the breakout of a typical professional career into volunteer missionary work in Africa. After my permanent return to my homeland, I worked for a large civil engineering company managing multimillion Swiss Francs projects. I started my own planning company before I got called back into denominational work, to be the executive director of an ADRA country office and an ADRA division office. During my career, I traveled intensively in African countries, the Middle East, Afghanistan, and North Korea. I have been a resident in 7 countries (Cameroon, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zaire, Rwanda, Turkey, and Switzerland) and have traveled to 66 countries. This book explains how I depended on my daily relationship with God. My heavenly father blessed me richly.
Jörg Fehr

Jörg Fehr

Jörg Fehr was born in the 1950s into a Swiss working-class family, as the second child; the only boy with one sister five years older and one sister five years younger. When he was 14 years old, his father started his own construction company, hoping that one day his only son, also a bricklayer by profession like his father, would take over. After the basic training in the Swiss army at the age of twenty, he followed a call to become a volunteer worker for one year in his church denomination's mission field. The year in Cameroon made an impact that would change his view of life for the rest of his life. He spent half of his professional career working for people that were not so privileged as he was.

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