Establishment of two-stage industry compe-tence centers of vocational education and training

Establishment of two-stage industry compe-tence centers of vocational education and training


Christian Wildt, Hogeforster Jürgen , . Baltic Sea Academy (Hrsg.), Hogeforster Max (Hrsg.)


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Almost all European countries face challenges in educating sufficient skilled workers. Particularly in countries with a predominantly school-based vocational training practical qualification takes mostly place only with complementary internships in companies; the relevant skills and competencies must be significantly improved and a high-quality must be achieved. The dual vocational training proved itself to be of high value in this context. Within the ICC4VET project, a sector competence centre was developed in Poland with the realisation of a dual vocational training at the Tadeusz Tanski Mechanical and Logistics School Complex. In addition, further training courses for vocational school teachers were developed and implemented. Special trainings for trainers in SMEs in countries with school-based vocational training were adapted and implemented. A further training course for technicians within the framework of a dual training course of two years with entitlement to study at a university of applied sciences was developed and implemented. In preparation for the introduction of dual Bachelor's programmes, implementation plans were drawn up for the expansion of the two-tier sector competence centres into a three-tier system of vocational training and innovation promotion.

This publication contains the relevant curricula and experiences as a result of the project ICC4VET with the following partner: Baltic Sea Academy (DE), Vocational Training and Technology Centre of the Schwerin Chamber of Skilled Crafts (DE), Tadeusz Tanski Mechanical and Logistics School Complex (PL), Vilnius Builders Training Center (LT), Panevezys Chamber of Commerce Industry and Crafts (LT), Latvijas Amatniecibas kamera (LV), Võru County Vocational Training Centre (EE.)
Christian Wildt

Christian Wildt

Hogeforster Jürgen

Hogeforster Jürgen

. Baltic Sea Academy

. Baltic Sea Academy (Hrsg.)

The Baltic Sea Academy is a non-profit network of 20 universities from 10 countries. It focuses on qualification, education and research for the benefit of SMEs.

Hogeforster Max

Hogeforster Max (Hrsg.)

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