Language Learning: Your Personal Guide

Language Learning: Your Personal Guide

Tips for Motivation and Success

Christine Konstantinidis


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Erscheinungsdatum: 31.07.2020

Sprache: Englisch

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This book contains hundreds of tips for learning languages with motivation and success. Help yourself wherever you want to, try this and try that and decide what you want to keep up. It is up to you to decide! Give some unconventional tips a chance, be open-minded and try out different possibilities and suggestions. And have fun!
Christine Konstantinidis

Christine Konstantinidis

My name is Christine Konstantinidis, and I have been working in the language sector for decades. I support people through group and one-to-one lessons and through coaching to develop their language potential in German, Italian, English, French, Spanish or Latin and to put it into practice.
The support is not limited to the language itself, but also to the organisation and implementation of the learning process in everyday life.
I devote part of my time to my books and my blog Erfolgreiches Sprachenlernen and the attached Facebook page Erfolgreiches Sprachenlernen.
I also offer language solutions in the form of translations, proofreading and presentations and work for various companies and German portals in the areas of website texts, blog articles, learning materials, audios and videos.

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