Favourite Traditional Indian Dum Aloo Recipes

Favourite Traditional Indian Dum Aloo Recipes

Delicious Vegetarian Recipes of My Grandmother

Anand Gupta


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ISBN-13: 9783753401720

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Erscheinungsdatum: 23.01.2021

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Full of color, spices and amazing flavor, it should come as no surprise that Indian Cuisine is a favorite the world over. While various specialties abound, none is more prevalent or popular than Dom Aloo. Primarily said to be in Kashmiri cuisine, this filling staple has been customized and tailored to each region, producing an array of wonder and hue that has transformed this potato or cauliflower specific dish into a taste-filled delicacy of infinite possibility.

The ways of crafting Dom Aloo are almost endless. Presented here in full detail and complete instructions are twelve of the most delicious recipes for this incredibly versatile traditional Indian dish. Ranging from savory offerings set in a base of fried potatoes to more elegant servings based with potatoes and dashed with cashews and cream, this is a cookbook sure to get your mouth watering.

Come, explore the world of Dum Aloo in all its beauty and get ready to whip up and enjoy some Dum Aloo of your own!
Anand Gupta

Anand Gupta

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