Flora and Vegetation of Bali Indonesia

Flora and Vegetation of Bali Indonesia

An Illustrated Field Guide

Edgar Heim



224 Seiten

ISBN-13: 9783734763465

Verlag: Books on Demand

Erscheinungsdatum: 09.02.2015

Sprache: Englisch

Farbe: Ja

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This well illustrated field guide describes about 500 of the most common and eye-catching plants growing on Bali and the adjacent Java, most of them are illustrated with pictures. It is a comprehensive and valuable field guide for tourists and locals.
The first part of the book describes the vegetation of Bali. It gives an overview of the Balinese ecosystems. Monsoon forests in the south, moist rainforests in the mountains and dry deciduous forests on the northern slopes generate patterns of unique ecosystems all over the island.
The second part of the book is dedicated to the plant species living on Bali. With 400 pictures and their accurate descriptions, the reader should be able to recognize the different species in its habitat. Additionally the book provides information about the traditional und the commercial use of the described plants and characterizes their ecological behavior.
The field guide is an essential travel companion for all who love nature.
Edgar Heim

Edgar Heim

Edgar Heim was born in Lima, Peru. He studied food engineer in Switzerland and has been working on that profession for more than 25 years, first as production manager, since 2007 as lecturer in operations and supply chain management at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences.
Since his boyhood he was fascinated by nature, biodiversity and ecology. Botany and travelling are his beloved passions. Over the years he has collected a large amount of information about the vegetation around the world and accumulated more than 40'000 pictures of plants from different countries.
Unfortunately many developing countries do not have any literature about the flora and their biodiversity. For his own sake he compiled his personal field guides and got a lot of compliments and encourragement while travelling. So he decided to publish the personal field guides. One of them is the ″Flora and Vegetation of Bali indonesia″, another one is the ″Flora of Arequipa, Peru″, several others are in progress. The author is convinced that knowledge of plants enhances environmental care. Only knowing people will love and care about the species living in their neighborhood. So he hopes to enhance environmental care with his booklets and contribute to global biodiversity conservation.

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