Gamification in Tourism

Gamification in Tourism

Designing Memorable Experiences

Paul Bulencea, Roman Egger


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Tourists' expectations are increasingly complex and sophisticated. They are now seeking meaningful and more stimulating experiences from tourism providers. By combining Gamification with Experience Design the Gamification in Tourism book provides a comprehensive and novel approach on how to design such experiences. With its Memorable Experience Design framework and practical case studies the book should help tourism providers shift their thinking as to what they can offer in order to cater to the new needs of their guests.
Paul Bulencea

Paul Bulencea

Paul Bulencea first started to incorporate elements related to experience design and gamification within events he co-organised with WISIT (Worldwide Innovative Students in Tourism), a student association that he founded. He later explored the topic in his master thesis where he created a museum experience experiment that significantly increased the visitors' immersion, memory and satisfaction of their experience. He has presented papers about gamification in tourism at international conferences such as the World Travel Market in London and the Enter Conference in Dublin. He also delivers lectures at various universities worldwide and explores entrepreneurship with Sideview, a start-up that he co-founded.

Roman Egger

Roman Egger

B. Joseph Pine II Co-author, The Experience Economy and Infinite Possibility

Dezember 0002

Paul Bulencea and Roman Egger have brought together two of my favorite subjects into one engaging, informative, and well-researched book. Everyone in tourism - districts, attractions, and support companies alike - should read Gamification in Tourism, but in fact so should everyone involved in designing memorable experiences (as the sub-title memorably puts it), for its Memorable Experience Design framework applies to all those who wish to succeed in today's Experience Economy.

Prof. Dimitrios Buhalis Bournemouth University, UK

Dezember 0002

The book Gamification in Tourism is the first of its kind to bring together two current issues - Gamification and Experience Design. This innovative book will be very useful to both academics and practitioners. The book is well structured and also allows non-academics to grasp and apply the theoretical concepts easily through examples and cases that illustrate the different gamification approaches.

Žiga Novak, Experience Designer

Dezember 0002

This book comes highly recommended for anybody that wants to create better, a more engaging and financially successful tourism experience. While the book is not really a blueprint for creating experiences (is such a book really possible?), it will certainly give you a very valuable insight into concepts, ideas and good practices that you should be aware of. In fact, just browsing through the book will give you plenty of ideas on how to create a new tourism product or improve an existing one.

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