Goddess Holle

Goddess Holle

Gunivortus Goos


428 Seiten

ISBN-13: 9783749496662

Verlag: Books on Demand

Erscheinungsdatum: 30.09.2019

Sprache: Englisch

Farbe: Ja

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After the first German edition in 2001 and a second edition in 2006 (which was in 2011 also published in English), there is now a very heavily revised 3rd edition of the book "Goddess Holle". Even though the basic framework of the 2nd edition has been retained, not only are minor and major errors corrected, but all chapters, the book calls them 'paths', are supplemented with many additional new parts (in varying degrees). This new book has therefore become considerably more extensive, in quantity there are about 182 pages more than in the 2nd edition; it contains more fairy tales, many more folktales, more hiking trails, more poetry and more plants that have a connection to Holle. In addition, the chapter about Customs and Traditional Folk Knowledge has been significantly changed and supplemented, and so is the chapter "Researchers and their Research" in which the latest available research sources have been incorporated, and theories, theses, etc. have also been added that were not in the previous edition.
To the concluding path 'Culinary delights with Frau Holle' also were quite a few recipes added.
The many illustrations, of which about 115 in color (including 14 maps), form a significant extension as well to the previous edition.
Gunivortus Goos

Gunivortus Goos

Gunivortus Goos veröffentlichte bereits mehrere Bücher und Artikel, die meisten davon unter seinem inzwischen aufgegebenen Pseudonym GardenStone. Der in Groningen geborene Niederländer hat vor einigen Jahrzehnten seine Heimatstadt verlassen und ist nach Deutschland gezogen, wo er nach mehreren Stationen in einer Kleinstadt im schönen Taunus in Hessen lebt.
Er ist Computerfreak, Liebhaber von Fantasy-Büchern, hört oft Musik von Klassik bis Folk Metal, Blues, Country, Oldies und mehr und trinkt dabei gerne ein gutes Bier oder ein Glas trockenen Wein. Aber die 'Sucht' des Autors ist die Erforschung historischer Themen die innerhalb seines persönlichen Interesses fallen.

Gunivortus Goos previously published quite a few books and articles under his meanwhile given-up pseudonym GardenStone. Born in the city of Groningen, he is a Dutch, who some decades ago left his hometown and country and moved to Germany, where he, after several stations, now lives in a small town in the beautiful Taunus Hills in the German state of Hesse. Guus' (that's how his friends call him) 'addiction' is the research of specific historical topics of his personal interest, within which he is always eagerly looking for primary sources and related views and experiences of scholarly or practicing people, which he also uses to develop his own opinions.
In his writings his concern is not to only reproduce current views, but also to stimulate the reader to form his or her own opinion. For the same reason, where possible, he also includes controversial representations.

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