How to Succeed a Online Marketing Business

How to Succeed a Online Marketing Business

99 Rules and Secrets

Labinot Gashi


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How can you successfully implement your online marketing business from the first step? These and many more questions will explained to you in this book in a practical and easily understandable way, so that you don't make unnecessary mistakes. Find out which 99 factors make you and your business a success from the start. successful and learn the most diverse skilfully use online & offline marketing tools and secrets to to reach your destination quickly and safely.
Website & shop structure, web design, colors & effects, Search engine optimization, Google Adwords & Analytics, affiliates, Display campaigns, keyword analysis, Content rules, image optimization, neuro-linguistic print media, Display dominance concept (by Labinot Gashi), newsletter marketing, social media, dirty online business and many more topics are waiting for you to be discovered and to be implemented.
Labinot Gashi

Labinot Gashi

Labinot Gashi draws on several years experience in areas such as
Google Adwords, search engine optimization, remarketing, email
marketing, online business development, online strategy, conversion optimization, mobile marketing and display marketing.
As a Partner and Director Digital at the Zurich marketing and design agency, he is in charge of countless important customers in regard to online marketing, performance, business development and several other areas.
He has already created and optimized more than 100 websites and
web shops, ranging from luxury, automotive, sports, NGO, fashion,
and education, among others.

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