Improvement of Skills in the Green Economy through the Advanced Training Programs on Cradle to Cradle

Improvement of Skills in the Green Economy through the Advanced Training Programs on Cradle to Cradle

Elina Priedulena (Hrsg.), Max Hogeforster (Hrsg.), Baltic Sea Academy . (Hrsg.)


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Energy efficiency, climate and biodiversity protection are among the top priorities of the EU and all member states. In order to meet the challenges of growing landfills, scarcity of resources, air pollution, to name onlya few of them, new ways of thinking and of economic activites are essential. This is exactly what the Cradle to Cradle® (C2C) concept delivers:: products flow in infinite material life cycles thus being economically successful, conducive to the environment and healthy for consumers without producing any waste. Cradle to Cradle® concept, born as vision by Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart and William McDonough in 1990ies, has become real. It is well known on the world market: more than 1.500 products have been developed. Despite the advantages , the Cradle to Cradle approach has mostly been used by big companies and is hardly known in SMEs. Thus a EU funded project was started in 2014 to develop trainings for Cradle to Cradle for SMEs. This book contains the training, including train-the-trainer, experiences and presentations made at the final conference in 2016. It contains substantial contributions by authors like Michael Braungart, Thomas Straubhaar and others.

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Elina Priedulena

Elina Priedulena (Hrsg.)

Max Hogeforster

Max Hogeforster (Hrsg.)

Baltic Sea Academy .

Baltic Sea Academy . (Hrsg.)

The Baltic Sea Academy is a non-profit network of 18 universities and polytechnis around the Baltic Sea Region with the common goal to promote R&D and qualifications for SMEs.

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