Iscontour 2015 - Tourism Research Perspectives

Iscontour 2015 - Tourism Research Perspectives

Proceedings of the International Student Conference in Tourism Research

Roman Egger, Christian Maurer


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Proceedings of the ISCONTOUR

The aim of the International Student Conference in Tourism Research (ISCONTOUR) is thus to offer students a unique platform to present their research and to establish a mutual knowledge transfer forum for attendees from academia, industry, government and other organisations.

The annual conference, wich is jointly organised by the IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems and the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, will take place alternatively at the locations Salzburg and Krems. The conference research chairs are Prof. (FH) Dr. Roman Egger (Salzburg University of Applied Sciences) and Prof. (FH) Mag. Christian Maurer (University of Applied Sciences Krems).

The target audience include international students (also PhDs), graduates, teachers and lecturers from the field of tourism and leisure management as well as companies and anyone interested in the conference topic areas.

Issues to be covered at the conference include the following areas within a tourism context:

Marketing & Management
Tourism Product Development & Sustainability
Information and Communication Technologies
Roman Egger

Roman Egger

Christian Maurer

Christian Maurer

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