Lean management for families

Lean management for families

Less stress, more time, without sacrifice

Frau Ordnung


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ISBN-13: 9783751958042

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Erscheinungsdatum: 29.06.2020

Sprache: Englisch

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From Frustration to Flow

You want to have more time? A higher salary? And on top: less stress in your daily family life?

It's all possible with the proven methods and principles of

learn which basics and key elements of the LEAN-THINKING can support you in your household and finally will give you back what you already thought got lost:

a harmonious family life, characterized by satisfaction and serenity!
Frau Ordnung

Frau Ordnung

Frau Ordnung lives, laughs and writes in Stuttgart, the city of Porsche and Mercedes Benz in Southern Germany.

Growing up in good organised Germany as the eldest of four children has shaped her as much as becoming a mother of two.

As a professional organiser, she helps people find more time and a ballast-free life with lean management in the household.

In her numerous courses and lectures, she gives insights into the work of a professional organiser and valuable tips for the independent implementation of lean methods in the household.

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