Learn to play the Highland Bagpipe

Learn to play the Highland Bagpipe

The combi-method for quick results

Andreas Hambsch



ISBN-13: 9783741234859

Verlag:Books on Demand

Erscheinungsdatum: 24.05.2016

Sprache: Englisch

Farbe: Nein

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You have purchased one of the most professional and popular books for learning the bagpipes. It includes many well known and traditional melodies, all the finger techniques and in contrast to other bagpipe books there are many exercises that you will need to learn the bagpipes successfully.
The book is suitable for absolute beginners all the way to advanced pipers, for studying on your own or as a classroom companion book. In 29 easy to understand lessons, you will find crystal clear instructions on how to play the bagpipes from scratch. This book by Andreas Hambsch is also used for training purposes by many professional bands and bagpipe schools.
The books aim is to give the student the basic information to create a technically and musically solid foundation that will provide expert help and guidance on the route to becoming an accomplished piper.
The combi method is all about learning the fingering techniques and doing the exercises with matching melodies. Available in the online shop from Andreas Hambsch are the unique instructional DVDs by Andreas Hambsch. The perfect companions for this book, they contain the acoustic and visual versions of every exercise and you can even play the tunes at different speeds to learn them more easily. This is the combi method for learning the bagpipes. It combines written book exercises and the corresponding visual and acoustic explanations for each exercise and this is a worldwide first.
With this book, Andreas Hambsch has established a milestone that marks the teaching of the Scottish bagpipes with the combi method, helping beginners and advanced players to achieve rapid success. It is a professional educational tool to help you to learn how to play and understand the bagpipes.
Andreas Hambsch

Andreas Hambsch

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