Living Vibrantly with Peace of Mind

Living Vibrantly with Peace of Mind

Tradition and practice of Senkou-bou Shin Buddhist Temple

Osho Noriyuki Usami, Reiunken Shue Usami , Helga Hartl-Margreiter (Hrsg.)


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ISBN-13: 9783735760432

Verlag: Books on Demand

Erscheinungsdatum: 21.07.2014

Sprache: Englisch

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Living vibrantly with peace of mind – this is the intention of the Buddhist practice at Jodo Shin Temple in Senkou-bou, Japan. Reiunken Shue Usami, 23rd spiritual head of Senkou-bou temple, and Osho Noriyuki Usami, 24th successor of Senkou-bou temple, have written this booklet to present the tradition and practice of Senkou-bou and essential Buddhist doctrines. “One of the best ways for common mortals like us to reach the deepest source of Buddhism and to live a happy life while solving the mystery of life and death is to wield the hidden weapon of the five formalities.” The Temple of Senkou-bou is a place of wholehearted Buddhist practice. There is a deeply felt desire that many people would follow a Buddhist way of life. That is what made this small book become reality.
Osho Noriyuki Usami

Osho Noriyuki Usami

Osho Noriyuki Usami is Osho (priest) of the Jodo Shin Sect and 24th successor of Tatsutayama Senkou-bou, a Buddhist temple in the West of Japan. Together with his father Reiunken Shue Usami Roshi, he is leading the temple of Senkou-bou and guiding foreign and Japanese practioners throughout the year.

Reiunken Shue Usami

Reiunken Shue Usami

Reiunken Shue Usami is Zen Master and priest of the Jodo Shin Sect. He ist the 23rd spiritual head of Tatsutayama Senkou-bou, a Buddhist temple in the West of Japan, which was founded by the Samurai Minonokami Usami. Reiunken Shue Usami has created a new form of practise based on the old traditions of Zen and Shin-Buddhism – the Senkou-bou Buddhism. Senkou-Bou is a family temple, where the tradition is passed from generation to generation.

Helga Hartl-Margreiter

Helga Hartl-Margreiter (Hrsg.)

NyoRen Helga Hartl-Margreiter is practioner of Senkou-bou Buddhism, authorised directly by Reiunken Shue Usami. Ordinated as Osho (priest) in 2005, she is leading the Senkozan Sanghe Nembutsu Do temple in Austria. Based on her longlasting practice and the deep relation with the temple of Senkou-bou, she felt the great wish to publish the book „Living Vibrantly with Peace of Mind“, which was written by Reiunken Shue Usami Roshi and Osho Yukinori Usami. She also translated the book into German and published it as „Lebendig leben mit Frieden im Geist“.

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