Management Systems in digital business Environments

Management Systems in digital business Environments

Howto keep the balance of agility and stability while establishing governance frameworks

Helmut Steigele, Mike Haeufl , Ernest Lefebre (Hrsg.)

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ISBN-13: 9783750416765

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Erscheinungsdatum: 22.11.2019

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The more you enter the world of doing business the digital way, the more you realize that it needs capabilities which relate to one discipline: Organisational Resilience.

The ability to absorb unwished surprises which have a direct relationship to your business and to your business relationships.

As long as you are not aware that the management systems you live in, deliver trust and reasons to stay loyal as customer with the provider, you lose customers and energy in the battle for markets.

This guide gives orientation, insight and recommendation howto implement continuous improvement as stabilizing factor in an environment where the digital pace challenges all
Helmut Steigele

Helmut Steigele

Dr. Helmut Steigele is supporting more than 20 years mid-scale and large scale organizations, across the European area in establishing resilient and sustainable structures, value streams and service models.

Mike Haeufl

Mike Haeufl

Mike Hauefl is Head of Risk Management within a Company which operates payments, develops leading technology in the blockchain field and acts across the European Continent.

He achieved a lot of credentials and experience in Governance, Process Reorganisation and Servicemanagement as CIO, Head of Service and Chief Security Officer before he decided to contribute his experience to this volume.

Ernest Lefebre

Ernest Lefebre (Hrsg.)

DDr. Ernest Lefebre, Entrepreneur and Managing Director of several consulting companies in UK and Europe, specialized in managing midrange and large scale projects in digital transformation context

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