Maximal Nilpotent Subalgebras II

Maximal Nilpotent Subalgebras II

A correspondence theorem within solvable associative algebras. With 242 exercises

Sven Bodo Wirsing


196 Seiten

ISBN-13: 9783960671961

Verlag: Anchor Academic Publishing

Erscheinungsdatum: 09.11.2017

Sprache: Englisch

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Within series II we extend the theory of maximal nilpotent substructures to solvable associative algebras, especially for their group of units and their associated Lie algebra.
We construct all maximal nilpotent Lie subalgebras and characterize them by simple and double centralizer properties. They possess distinctive attractor and repeller characteristics. Their number of isomorphic classes is finite and can be bounded by Bell numbers. Cartan subalgebras and the Lie nilradical are extremal among all maximal nilpotent Lie subalgebras.
The maximal nilpotent Lie subalgebras are connected to the maximal nilpotent subgroups. This correspondence is bijective via forming the group of units and creating the linear span. Cartan subalgebras and Carter subgroups as well as the Lie nilradical and the Fitting subgroup are linked by this correspondence. All partners possess the same class of nilpotency based on a theorem of Xiankun Du.
By using this correspondence we transfer all results to maximal nilpotent subgroups of the group of units. Carter subgroups and the Fitting subgroup turn out to be extremal among all maximal nilpotent subgroups.
All four extremal substructures are proven to be Fischer subgroups, Fischer subalgebras, nilpotent injectors and projectors.
Numerous examples (like group algebras and Solomon (Tits-) algebras) illustrate the results to the reader. Within the numerous exercises these results can be applied by the reader to get a deeper insight in this theory.
Sven Bodo Wirsing

Sven Bodo Wirsing

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