Monograph Association SEPIKE

Monograph Association SEPIKE

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Association SEPIKE (Hrsg.)

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In the globalized world under rapidly developing conditions of the digital economy, it is almost impossible to keep pace with the multi-dimensional informational flow that appears daily on the Internet and in real life. Scientists whose papers and researches are dedicated to the innovation issues, their different types, life cycles, evaluation of effectiveness and practical applicability, all of them agreed on the appearance of so called unclassifiable digital innovations. We have to be precise with this definition. First, digital innovations have penetrated inside all spheres of life and business nowadays. It is impossible to make any operation without using modern advanced technologies (actually, they are traced from being advanced not so far till usual/adapted/everyday). And the main criterion making innovations 'everyday' is the time. Whether it's the simplest operation of searching for a geographical location, the operation of buying or selling, the simplest transaction, communication, or the complicated operation of managing a business based on the business modeling, the use of modern marketing digital technologies, modeling of the ecological future and building long-term forecasts, all of abovementioned requires Internet usage, modern devices or other smart technologies. Thus, such variety of activity leads to complexity of digital innovation classification. Second, digital space is unlimited and unlimited by its nature that results just in generalization of common categorical directions. Third, each process, activity or even action take place in a concrete condition. It should be said, world economy transit to a personalized level, i.e. move from macro- via meso-, throughout of micro- to the digitally behavioral economics. That is why, in our opinion, it is difficult to classify digital innovations.
Nowadays, it is not a top secret that with rapid digitalization paces, governments miss effective tools of regulation or intervention. More and more scientific publications, personal blogs and journalistic reports expose the problem of government insolvency in its intervention policies and the unjustifiedness of their actions. Neoclassic, neo-monetarist, neo-institutional and other neo-economic theories are unable to explain today's rapidly changing situation around the globe. They have exhausted themselves: there is no panacea that can revive the mega-economies of the highly developed countries that are sluggishly falling into the recession.

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Association SEPIKE

Association SEPIKE (Hrsg.)

The journal was launched on August 12, 2012 in Poitiers (France) at a forum of scientists from Eastern and Western Europe, organized by the non-profit organization Association 1901 SEPIKE. The idea of its foundation belongs to a group of talented scientists from Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria, Germany and France under the aegis of the German educational center SEPIKE Academy, which specializes in supporting Start-Ups.

The journal is a reflection of modern views of scientists, representatives of academic science, education and business, politicians, leaders and participants of public organizations, as well as perspective young people; it is aimed at finding ways to solve the problem of effective interaction of modern science, education and business with the purpose of the innovative development providing, exchange of modern technologies and best practices.

The journal of Association 1901 SEPIKE is an innovative platform for studying and successful implementing modern educational and business-technologies. It can be interesting for authors and readers whose professional interests are associated with the search for innovative ways of development of modern society and thereby ensuring its economic security. The journal includes publications of the results of theoretical and applied researches of scientists, who are representatives of educational institutions and research institutes from different countries, as well as representatives of international organizations and stakeholders, who are specialists in abovementioned spheres.

The Journal of Association 1901 SEPIKE is a peer-reviewed scientific journal published four times a year initiated by the Association 1901 SEPIKE under the support of the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek. It provides the authors with the opportunity to publish the results of their research, as well as to share their practices.

The content of the journal of Association 1901 SEPIKE covers the following areas:

- in economics, modern business-technologies and the creation of start-ups ("Actual issues of macro and microeconomics");

- in pedagogics and modern educational technologies ("Actual issues in modern pedagogy)";

- in social sciences and effective communications ("Social processes and communications in the modern world").

The idea of publishing the journal in English has received a very positive feedback from experts and the public. However, we aim to reach a wider audience of authors, readers and stakeholders; that is wh

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