Pathways to Friendship

Pathways to Friendship

... A Declaration of Love to Dogs That Hunt

Ulli Reichmann


144 Seiten

ISBN-13: 9783748145219

Verlag: Books on Demand

Erscheinungsdatum: 11.02.2019

Sprache: Englisch

Farbe: Ja

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Hunting behavior is as much a part of a dog’s personality as is its way of expressing joy, its way of playing, or its way of communicating. Yet this behavior often triggers feelings of helplessness, of lack of understanding or of personal failure in people.

“Why is that so?” asks the author. Without resorting to any means of suppression, giving things up, substitutions or forced behavior, Ulli Reichmann describes a very personal pathway. Through it you can learn to love your dog’s hunting behavior and to even use it as a chance to develop true friendship between you and your dog.

You will be sent on a journey, accentuated with marvelous pictures. By the end of the book, you will probably see your dog with new eyes...

With her "Pathways to Friendship," Ulli Reichmann has launched a movement that ​is receiving a lot of attention, both in Austria and abroad. The number of ​dog trainers choosing to learn the peaceful Ullihunde (Ulli-dog) way as an additional training is growing ​by the day. Far removed from any pack leader stress, the "Ullihunde" method promotes a friendly, enjoyable, relaxed way of handling dogs. After shaking up the German-speaking world, this bestseller is now finally AVAILABLE in ENGLISH.
Ulli Reichmann

Ulli Reichmann

Even as a child, Ulli Reichmann oscillated between two worlds. Her grandparents’ rural environment, characterized by hunting, and the urban life that her parents led as students.
As an adult she moved to the outskirts of Vienna, close to the Donauauen National Park, where she could enjoy the advantages of both worlds.
She worked as an instructor at an established dog training school, training trainers from different organizations in the practical aspects of puppy training.
She and her boyfriend founded their own dog school together to freely implement her ideas. Ideas such as agility training for dogs to improve their self-confidence, courses for humans with a fear of dogs, courses for dogs with a fear of humans, puppy courses teaching community and primarily dog language instead of obedience. And anti-hunting training without force or pressure.
The school enjoys great popularity. Her ideas partly continue to be implemented there, but Ulli Reichmann says of herself: “I’m at my best when I’m free.“ She left her boyfriend and the dog school and has been travelling her own path with her personal Ulli-method ever since. She still lives on the outskirts of Vienna with her two sons and four dogs.

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