Physical Vascular Therapy - The Next Generation Of Medicine?

Physical Vascular Therapy - The Next Generation Of Medicine?

Microcirculation Of Blood - What Everyone Should Know About

Peter Carl Simons


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ISBN-13: 9783751957199

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Erscheinungsdatum: 19.09.2020

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When we think of the circulatory system, we often picture the large arteries running to and from the heart. Yet what most of us don't consider is the microcirculation that also takes place inside the body. Microcirculation is the movement of blood through the smallest vessels; the Arterioles, the capillaries, and the venules. These tiny veins serve a huge purpose by delivering oxygen and nutrients to every part of the human body, yet they are easily susceptible to damage or disease and their size make them difficult to treat by conventional methods.

Medical Science is making advances, striving to find solutions that will enable the treatment of these small vessels and the entire Microcirculation System, with one company discovering a technology known as physical vascular therapy. This book looks deeply into this revolutionary technology as well as what it means for the future of Medical Science, the Microcirculatory System itself and overall health.


Microcirculation * Sectors of Microcirculation * The Regulation of Capillary Exchange * The Processes of the Microcirculation of Blood * The Bemer Signal * Vasomotion * Hypertension and Microcirculation
Peter Carl Simons

Peter Carl Simons

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