Pistol and revolver firing

Pistol and revolver firing

Getting startet with big bore shooting

Siegfried Fock


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Erscheinungsdatum: 09.01.2020

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Pistol and revolver firing

Who is this book for?

If you are a new sporting big bore shooter or you want to continuously improve your shooting performance, you will find the right approach in this book.
The book can also be used to train beginner shooters, guest shooters or for recapitulation the techniques after a training break.

In detail it concerns...

-The standing position
-Gripping the pistol
-Firing the revolver
-Aiming with the open sight
-The trigger finger and prep the trigger
-Breath control and aiming
-Firing a shot
-Bullet placement analysis

To fire a handgun it requires a few things that need to be observed. It begins at first with a safe and competent handling of the weapon. This is followed by the shooting technique and the optimization of the shooting results.
To understand the crucial things for shooting and training they're presented in a structured and easy way. The steps for precise shooting are complementary and can be successively followed, combined and trained. Thus a continuous shooting result is ensured. It's presented in a compact and practical way and can be used for self-studying or to support the training. In addition, there is a short overview for a quick repetition, to cut out and take along.

In a big bore discipline, with a maximum of 400 points, 280 up to 320 points can be reached easily. With regular training the result can be increased further.

44 pages, 37 illustrations, format 22 cm x 15.5 cm
Siegfried Fock

Siegfried Fock

The Author is active as a sports shooter and is one of the sports managers with a focus on big bore pistols, who are particularly active in the supervision and training of new and guest shooters.

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