Places of shame - German war crimes in Italy 1943-1945

Places of shame - German war crimes in Italy 1943-1945

Stephan D. Yada-Mc Neal

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ISBN-13: 9783746097954

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Erscheinungsdatum: 09.03.2018

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With the invasion of the allied troops began for Italy not only the fight against Germany, but also a time of the horror.
This book is intended to give a brief overview of the events from September 1943 to the German capitulation in May 1945.

The incredible massacre of Italian soldiers on the Greek island of Cephalonia can also be found in this book, as well as the massacres of Marzabotto, Sant'Anna di Stazzema, Roma - Fosse Ardeatine and many other little-known villages.

Hundreds of villages and towns, thousands of civilians, men, women but also children can be found here in this book and give us only slightly the horror of this time.

Learning from history means preventing something from happening again.
Stephan D. Yada-Mc Neal

Stephan D. Yada-Mc Neal

The author lives and works on the island of Crete and deals with the recording of German war crimes in Greece and Crete.
In addition to the historical work he writes to compensate youth and children's books

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