Proceedings of SMART LIVING FORUM 2019

Proceedings of SMART LIVING FORUM 2019

14 November 2019, Villach, Austria

Sandra Lisa Lattacher (Hrsg.), Daniela Krainer (Hrsg.)

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The SMART LIVING FORUM took place in the framework of the Innovation Congress on November 14, 2019 in the Congress Centre Villach in Austria. In this unique framework, the final conference of the COOP4HEALTHCARE project was organized and a dedicated CALL FOR POSTER had been launched. Researchers and institutions active in the field of Smart Living were invited to present their latest findings to an international audience.
The thematic areas opened for contributions revolving around the challenges currently faced by the health-care sector, like shortage of medical and care professionals, cuts in public spending and an increasing demand for health care services, which are largely attributable to ongoing demographic changes. In addition, the access to needs-based assistance and care in rural and peripheral areas is getting increasingly difficult due to infrastructural challenges. This requires an increased use of technology, especially in terms of digitalization, as well as of already available European knowledge excellence in this area.

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Sandra Lisa Lattacher

Sandra Lisa Lattacher (Hrsg.)

Sandra Lattacher has been working at Carinthia University of Applied Sciences since July 2018 in the field of Active and Assisted Living at the Department of Medical Engineering.
With a background in the fields of Medical Information Technology and Health Care IT, her research focus and interests lie in the areas of data science, user centered design and innovation management. Her fields of activities also include the acquisition, processing and completion of multidisciplinary funding and research projects, as well as event planning and management.

Daniela Krainer

Daniela Krainer (Hrsg.)

Daniela Krainer, medical engineer and occupational therapist, has been working and teaching at Carinthia University of Applied Sciences (CUAS) in the area of aging care & technology since 2014. Since 2018, she leads the Research Unit Active & Assisted Living (AAL) at CUAS with the technical research focus on Smart Health, Smart Home and Smart Interaction, embedded into a Living Lab research and innovation approach. Her areas of expertise include user research in the area of needs and requirements analysis, conceptualization and socio-technical evaluation of AAL technologies and integrated services, with a focus on (tele) health solutions.

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