Proceedings of the European Workshop on Software Ecosystems 2015

Proceedings of the European Workshop on Software Ecosystems 2015

Karl Michael Popp (Hrsg.), Peter Buxmann (Hrsg.), Thomas Aidan Curran (Hrsg.), Gerald Eichler (Hrsg.), Slinger Jansen (Hrsg.), Thomas Kude (Hrsg.)


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The European Workshop on Software Ecosystems is an annual event which connects researchers and fellow professionals in the field of software ecosystems.
Presentations in 2015 included:
Jon Scott, SVP Corum - Keynote Software M&A Ecosystems, Stefan Henningson, Copenhagen Business School - Cisco is using acquisitions of software companies to re-invent its „platform core“, Andreas Schönberger, Siemens AG - Using ecosystem modeling to drive ecosystem projects, Abilio Avila, Orestis Terzidis, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) - Management of Partner Ecosystems in the Enterprise Software Industry, Alexander Serebrenik, Technical University of Eindhoven - Surveying Challenges in Software Ecosystems Research, Ralf Meyer, Synomic GmbH - Why even successful large Software Ecosystems need professional representation like International Association for SAP Partners, Jonathan Hildenbrand, Netfira - Keynote Business networks, Sami Hyrynsalmi, University of Turku - To Redefine Ecosystem Health, or not to Redefine? A view of scientific knowledge on the „software ecosystem health“ concept, Dominik Dellermann, Alexander Fliaster, University of Bamberg - The Strategic Risks of Software Ecosystems, Christopher Jud, Georg Herzwurm, University of Stuttgart - Platforms and ecosystems from complementers’ point of view.

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Karl Michael Popp

Karl Michael Popp (Hrsg.)

Dr. Karl Michael Popp is Senior Director M&A in the Global Business Development and Ecosystem Team in the Office of the CEO of SAP SE. In this area, he works on inorganic growth projects of SAP SE, such as due diligence and merger integration of technology companies as well as strategic partnerships. In his career, he has completed more than 30 acquisitions and corresponding merger integrations worldwide and worked with over 50 companies on partnerships.
He is the author of several books and a speaker on software due diligence, post merger integration, digitization of M&A processes as well as business models and platform business models in the software industry.
Dr. Popp is a long-standing member of the German M&A Association (Bundesverband M&A) as well as a former board member of the Gesellschaft für Post Merger Integration (now part of the Bundesverband M&A) and works in the program committee of the European Workshop on Merger Integration and of the Think Tank Denkfabrik Wirtschaft. He studied economics and received his doctorate in information systems from the University of Bamberg. More information can be found at .

Peter Buxmann

Peter Buxmann (Hrsg.)

Thomas Aidan Curran

Thomas Aidan Curran (Hrsg.)

Gerald Eichler

Gerald Eichler (Hrsg.)

Slinger Jansen

Slinger Jansen (Hrsg.)

Thomas Kude

Thomas Kude (Hrsg.)

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