Qualification and integration of young people by dual vocational training

Qualification and integration of young people by dual vocational training

Elina Priedulena (Hrsg.), Max Hogeforster (Hrsg.)


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All European countries are facing a lack of skilled workforce and a rather high rate of youth unemployment rate. Often the qualification of the young talents does not match the actual needs of the labour market. One possibility too better align the qualifications to the real needs of the companies is to apply a work-based learning method like the dual system from Germany. It provides a high level of training on the spot, in the company. The publication sums up experiences of introducing the dual vocational training system in Hungary, Lithuania and Poland, including curricula and evaluation reports. The book puts an emphasis on vocational training in the Baltic Sea Region and shares also experiences of VET from other, non-EU countries like Russia.

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Elina Priedulena

Elina Priedulena (Hrsg.)

 Baltic Sea Academy

Baltic Sea Academy (Hrsg.)

The Baltic Sea Academy is a network of 20 universities around the Baltic Sea Region with the common objective to promote small- and medium sized enterprises. The network is engaged in research, innovation and qualification measures.

Max Hogeforster

Max Hogeforster (Hrsg.)

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