Encounters in Peru

Encounters in Peru

Erich Schröder


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The author, engineer, physician, journalist, life artist and much-traveller, reports in many small episodes on his experiences from numerous journeys to South America. And again and again from encounters with the people there and with other travelers.

South America, that is fascinating landscapes and magic places of old cultures, hot rhythms and carried panflute sounds, parrots, howler monkeys, caimans and alpacas, simplest meals and gourmet kitchens and above all proud and lovable people. His travels have taken the author to the snow-capped peaks of the Andes, through the jungles of the Amazon region, along the deserts of the Pacific coast and into picturesque places, dreamy small towns and megacities. And mostly especially to Peru.
It reports on many small and larger episodes, experiences and adventures from the author's numerous and very different journeys to Latin America. The book is not a travel guide, but nevertheless conveys much worth knowing and atmospheric about the described destinations in Latin America - and especially in Peru. The focus is always on encounters with people from these countries, but also with other travelers. And also the emotions of the traveler when experiencing magnificent landscapes between jungle, desert and high mountains, new friendships and great hospitality but also loneliness and reflection are not neglected; they inspire the co-experience and let the episodes come alive in the reader.
This book is a declaration of love to a country and a continent. And more than that. The partly funny and partly thoughtful episodes also show the diversity of travel and give an idea of the value of travel for one's own education, tolerance and life experience.
Erich Schröder

Erich Schröder

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