50 things to do on the islands

Florian Krauss


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The author of the book Lavaflow-Adventures on Hawaii, spent a total of 28 weeks on the islands in the Pacific during several trips which was anough time to discover the chain of islands in all its different facets. By car, on foot, by boat and from the air he has experienced many adventures including romantic baths under waterfalls, long hikes to the active lava of the Kilauea volcano, helicopter flights over untouched landscapes or the 5-day tour on one of the most dangerous hiking trails in the USA, the Kalalau Trail. This guide is focused on hiking and experiences in the fabulous nature of Hawaii.

Detailed maps and helpful information make 50 selected highlights an indispensable guide for all individual travellers who want to experience Hawaii beyond tourist locations and luxury resorts.

Printed Version is in black/white.
ebook is in full color.
Florian Krauss

Florian Krauss

Florian Krauss, born in Munich 1975, living in Ulm, is a graduate of business administration and music dealer. His passion for photography and islands of volcanic origin have lead him again and again to Hawaii. He dedicates his free time to music, wakeboarding and publishing Hawaii calendars and books. He also gives lectures and multimedia shows at trade fairs and cultural institutions.

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