Signs from Santa

Signs from Santa

during Corona Lockdown

Jacquelin Nazareth


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Erscheinungsdatum: 17.07.2020

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Jordan was only five years old but felt like he carried the fears of all little children around the world upon his tiny shoulders. On top of all the madness going on around him, what if he didn't get his Christmas present this year? What if Father Christmas fell ill?

This personalised story was penned to assure children that much like the double edged sword of clouds, there is always another truth which we sometimes cannot see or understand, until maybe much later.

Like all Forest Singer stories, it is penned as a fable and filled with all sorts of nature nurturing truths.

Forest Singer... Earth Child... I read your story to Jordan and he has slept untroubled ever since.
From a simple worry that troubled him one night, you weaved and wiggled and created a magical marvel!
It's a beautiful story, and you are truly brilliant to have created it.
Your passionate connection with nature and the elements shines beautifully through the lines. Bless..Thank you so very much. Please use Jordan's thought and your brilliance to help people understand that if we have to survive this, like everything else, we have to listen and watch for signs from nature, keeping our hearts and mind wide open. - Jordan's mum!
Jacquelin Nazareth

Jacquelin Nazareth

Jacquelin Nazareth has been entertaining audiences musically from a tender age.
Along with her quirky band of puppets and a guitar, she is better known as Forest Singer to young forest heroes.
Jacquelin grew up along the balmy coastline of Kenya. Now based in Vienna and zig-zagging across the world, she thrills larger audiences with her husband in the multi instrumental and vocal team of Fandango Duo.

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