Sneaking Up With Consequences

Sneaking Up With Consequences

Adam Eve-Servant

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ISBN-13: 9783743100244

Verlag:Books on Demand

Erscheinungsdatum: 26.02.2018

Sprache: Englisch

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Young Lennart Peter knows that the two blonde hotties Lina and Lumina are alone in the luxury villa of Lumina's parents. So he is sneaking up and watching them.
Enjoying himself pretty much, he feels perfectly safe, even after the ladies are leaving the living room. As they do not return for some time, Pete is just getting bored. Right when he wants to leave, he's in for a bad surprise...
Adam Eve-Servant

Adam Eve-Servant

Serving the female is the guiding principle throughout all works of the author.

"Special focus is put on the particularities of female erotism", Adam says. "The female orgasm is essentially different to the male one. There are a lot more factors involved than just instinct. All in all, the female orgasm, the whole female erotism is quite a complex thing. Plus, sex often is kind of a power play. Hence, if it is supposed to be satisfying for both genders, the male should rather serve the female than vice versa."

From Adam's point of view, the landscape of erotica literature is rather scarce when it comes to vanilla femdom, etc. "This gap is to be filled", the author concludes.

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