Snifflemonster Snuffles

Snifflemonster Snuffles

or how to tickle a coronavirus

Franziska K. Briest


36 Seiten

ISBN-13: 9783751957472

Verlag: Books on Demand

Erscheinungsdatum: 25.06.2020

Sprache: Englisch

Farbe: Ja

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Snifflemonstersnuffles - or how to tickle a Coronavirus

The teeny tiny snifflemonster Snuffles is terribly bored and decides to visit humans. It is especially fascinated by noses and decides to get comfortable in Ms Sniff's nose. But it doesn't take long for one snifflemonster to turn into eleventeen thousand snifflemonsters, and Ms Sniff's nose is way too crowded.
The snifflemonsters go on a journey and travel on objects
and from human to human to noses, until all the people are at home in bed with terrible snifflemonstersnuffles.
Only Shelly Snort is clever and outsmarts Snuffles.

Background: The Coronavirus has a grip on the entire world at the moment. For children it is especially hard to understand why something, which can neither be heard nor seen, has turned everything upside down: parents aren't at work, siblings aren't in school and the nursery, the playground and the sports clubs are closed.
This storybook for children aged three to six explains in a funny, fearless story, how germs and viruses such as the coronavirus spread from human to human, and how even the youngest among us can protect themselves against it.
Franziska K. Briest

Franziska K. Briest

About the author
Franziska Briest, born 1982, lives in Berlin with her family and works in the Charité Hospital. She holds a PhD in molecular biology and is researching the genetic causes of leukaemia. She wrote the book "Snifflemonster Snuffles" for her three-year-old daughter at the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic in the year 2020. She narrates in an entertaining manner about viruses and about what makes them so dangerous, thus combining scientific discoveries with imaginativeness without instructing children.

About the translator
Seema Mehta, born 1984, lives in Berlin with her family and works in the communications sector. She speaks three languages fluently, has lived in in six countries and holds a bachelor's degree in European Studies and a master's degree in political science. She decided to translate the book "Snifflemonster Snuffles" for her two-year-old daughter - and her friend Franziska Briest.

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