Tell Me... What Do You Teach?

Tell Me... What Do You Teach?

The Teacher's Guide to Marketing your Teaching Business (USPs - Uniqueness - Tag Lines)

Janine Bray-Mueller

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Marketing Your Teaching Business – The importance of being different. For freelancers who know how to teach but don't know what or how to write their promotional materials.

When you cannot tell private students and business customers what skills (or benefits) they gain from attending your courses - they aren't coming!

Without a steady stream of new private students or business customers, freelancing teachers will slip into the three-year death cycle and go out of business.

TEFL/TESOL and CELTA courses teach classroom management, pedagogical issues, and teaching methodologies but not how to write the text for a freelancing career website, social media page, or brochures and business cards. Instead, these end up in the dustbin.

Most start-ups and online teaching services don't know what to write when they advertise their teaching services. They believe that mastering the many aspects of teaching is enough to guarantee a successful career. But contrary to their expectations, it doesn't. And then they compound the issue by writing about framework levels or quote tired stock phrases such as 'we tailor our offer to your specific needs' in an effort to change the status quo.

Freelancers lack students - and students can't find freelancers for their learning needs

But unless freelancers write what is being taught and what skills and/or benefits their private students and business customers gain by attending their courses - they won't come.

Tell Me... What Do You Teach? is a business and marketing book showing how to successfully advertise your teaching service. The book is full of case studies, metaphors, and practical examples, making it an interesting read while providing a valuable information source about copywriting concepts.

Get your 'must-have' marketing book Tell me... What Do You Teach? Take your teaching service beyond classroom management and teaching itself. Avoid making mistakes that could affect your freelancing career. The skills you gain in this book can be used for all your advertising and student acquisition situations as an active professional teaching freelancer.

TEACHERS WANTED is a thing of the past
Janine Bray-Mueller

Janine Bray-Mueller

Janine is a freelancer and former member of the IATEFL Executive Marketing Committee. She shares her experience to help freelance teaching careers avoid the 'three-year death cycle' by maintaining a healthy teaching business. Her goal is to help as many freelancers as possible and provide them with solutions to their problems.

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