The best protection against the Corona Pandemic

The best protection against the Corona Pandemic

Keep distance Wash your hands Wear mask and have a lot of sex

Wolfgang Medicus


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Why does coronavirus cause only mild symptoms in some patients, while in others it causes a serious illness that can lead to death? Scientific studies in Germany and China have found an answer to this question. The more ‘killer cells‘ are in the blood, the better the course of the disease, as these defence cells can stop the virus from multiplying. When entering a cell, the coronavirus, by interfering with its metabolism, transforms the cell into a ‘virus factory‘ that produces numerous coronaviruses. ‘Killer cells‘ have the ability to recognize cells infected with coronaviruses. They kill these cells and thus prevent the virus from multiplying further. ‘Killer cells‘ are the immune system‘s strongest weapon against coronaviruses. Severe coronavirus infections occur with above average frequency in old and overweight people because these groups have only a small number of ‘killer cells‘ in their blood. More than 70 percent of severe coronavirus diseases occurred in overweight persons at the University Hospital in Essen. The thesis ‘Sex protects against the Corona Pandemic‘ is based in the results of 2 studies. The result of a study carried out at the Swiss Technical University of Zurich: A certain sexual practice doubles the number of ‘killer cells‘ in the blood. Another study proved: At a certain frequency of sexual activity the antibody immunoglobin A increases by 30 %. This antibody kills cells infected with coronaviruses on the mucous membranes of the bronchial tubes. Therefore the author recommends sexual activities until old age as a prevention against infectious diseases, for example coronavirus disease. The book contains 9 more results of studies which prove the positive effect of sexual activities on 9 other areas of health. In the context of a humorous love story written in the form of an exchange of letters 40 questions about female an male sexuality are answered.
Wolfgang Medicus

Wolfgang Medicus

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