The Book of Happiness

The Book of Happiness

A work and reflection diary

Gianni Liscia, Jan Liscia, Marcello Liscia

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ISBN-13: 9783752858297

Verlag: Books on Demand

Erscheinungsdatum: 30.07.2018

Sprache: Englisch

Farbe: Ja

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Your favorite song on the radio, a radiant rainbow following a rainstorm or the cheerful chatter of birds in the morning - every day in our lives is filled with such moments of happiness. We often pass them by, inattentive, unable to enjoy what we don´t perceive because our minds are already two steps ahead at the next appointment, a tedious assignment or some private obligation.

Thus, we recommend taking a few moments´ time each evening to write down five positive occurrences in this Book of Happiness. Turn your attention specifically to the little things. Focusing on positive things will make you happier - will strengthen your attentiveness to the immediate moment and help you bring positivity into your everyday life.

Be alert to the small moments of happiness in your life and you will have big results - it´s worth it!

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Gianni Liscia

Gianni Liscia

Managing director Liscia Consulting GbR:

- trainer, coach, consultant
- keynote speaker
- consequent, persistant, focused
- emotional, rational, blunt

»Life is a matter of give and take in exactly this order.«
Homebase: Paderborn & Munich

Jan Liscia

Jan Liscia

Managing director Liscia Consulting GbR:

- consultant, trainer, facilitator
- interim manager
- committed, dependable, witty
- emotional, rational, blunt

»Life is either mastered with humor - or not at all.«
Homebase: Paderborn & Frankfurt on the Main

Marcello Liscia

Marcello Liscia

Managing director Liscia Consulting GbR:

- trainer, coach, faciliator
- keynote speaker
- empathetic, target-oriented, co-operative
- emotional, rational, blunt

»Things will always thrive, when there is a strong foundation of trust.«
Homebase: Paderborn & Stuttgart

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