The Collegial Leadership Model

The Collegial Leadership Model

Six Basic Elements for Agile Organisational Development

Claudia Schröder, Bernd Oestereich


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ISBN-13: 9783751966979

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Erscheinungsdatum: 29.06.2020

Sprache: Englisch

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The collegial model of organisational development is an evolutionary approach which - in contrast to other processes of change - may nevertheless have revolutionary effects. The model comprises numerous incremental small-step alternatives to abrupt, wholesale change in the organisation of ledership, which are attuned to a business' culture, termporal circumstances and the needs of colleagues.

IN THIS BOOK we would like to give an overview about the six important elements.
Claudia Schröder

Claudia Schröder

Is working as experienced certified systemic coach and organizational consultant. As a shareholder and adviser, she took part to initiate the reorganization of oose limited to a collegial self-organized company.
Claudia is founding member of next U limited, a network company of experienced consultants which works also self-organized. She is experiencing Co-Author, speaker on conferences and developer of training-courses of collegial leadership and coaching.

Bernd Oestereich

Bernd Oestereich

Is the founder of the oose Innovative Informatik Limited which started in 1998. After 12 years working as CEO he started to initiated the reorganization in 2012 in his role as majority shareholder into a collegial-self-organized company. In 2014 he sold his company to the staff.
Bernd also works as an author of national and international published and award-winning technical books. Besides this, he is working as consultant, coach and expert for collegial self-organized organisations within the network team of the company next U limited.

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