The Complete Seraphin Messages, Volume 3

The Complete Seraphin Messages, Volume 3

Ten years of telepathic communication with an angel

Rosie Jackson

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ISBN-13: 9783751900010

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Erscheinungsdatum: 16.09.2020

Sprache: Englisch

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What is the meaning of our lives? What influence can we have? Why is our planetary experience full of disappointments, corruption, abuse and violence, leading to our own resignation? What can we do to counteract this negative trend? Will there ever be paradise on earth? How can we create it? Could there be forces for good which are assisting us on our path, although we have not yet recognised them?

The angel SERAPHIN shows that we have reason to be joyful and that we are not alone. He provides answers to all our questions in this volume, the third of four in the Complete Seraphin series which documents over 400 conversations with the artist and author, Rosie Jackson.

Imagine talking to a person of great wisdom who always listens,
always offers impeccable advice, always exercises compassion
and always explains everything with ultimate patience. Seraphin
is a loving celestial being who is very familiar with the current
situation on earth, and with its inhabitants. He takes us by the
hand and shows us the way back to our own inner truth, thus
furthering our soul growth.

A very enlightening read for anyone who has the distinct impression that there is something terribly wrong with this world, and who wants to find out the true reasons, as well as the true solutions which are in accordance with the GREATER COSMIC PLAN

It is a good time to consider what it is that you always really wanted to do, and to examine minutely why this has not come to pass. Things do not simply come to pass, but are a result of CONCRETE STEPS, formed by CONCRETE THOUGHTS, in a certain direction. Instead of hunkering down and retiring from view, we urge you to renew your greatest visions for yourselves in these times of uncertainty, to draw up plans of great detail, to examine every aspect and to determine how you can best use your skills to benefit humankind, FOR THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU WILL BE DOING IN THE FUTURE. Seraphin
Rosie Jackson

Rosie Jackson

Rosie Jackson is an author, artist, composer and the founder of The Spiritual Revolution Project. This encompasses paintings, music, videos, books and seminars to develop self-awareness. Teaching spiritual principles to promote consciousness, her music and art are powerful catalysts of spiritual uplift. Her Unity Tarot illustrates the transformation of 100 global villagers in 2 large paintings and 100 written biographies.

Since 2010, Rosie Jackson has been receiving telepathic messag-es and visions from the angel, Seraphin. These communications urge us to protect our earth and show us how paradise on earth can be achieved. The messages are presently available in English, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and Korean.

Born in England, Rosie Jackson studied German and French and qualified as a teacher. She has worked as an instructor in China, and as a translator, designer and editor for publishing houses and companies in Europe. She now works freelance as an artist, author and spiritual teacher in Germany and Italy.

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