The Fortune Teller and the Bloodline Case

The Fortune Teller and the Bloodline Case

Theatre Play

Alan El-Deir, Sheila El-Deir


100 Seiten

ISBN-13: 9783952484586

Verlag: Publishing Partners

Erscheinungsdatum: 28.08.2018

Sprache: Englisch

Farbe: Nein

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"When we arrived at her place, she invited me for a cup of coffee, but her coffee machine was broken. There was only water or whisky to drink; we chose whisky. We drank more than we should. The rest you can guess... we kissed each other and made love. I couldn't put the blame on Johnnie Walker, could I? Our state of consciousness was practically non-existent, that's why I do not recall much of that evening."

Some spontaneous adventures can turn into nightmares. ­Apparently, no one is immune to fate. Luck, bad luck, destiny, they all belong to the mysteries of life beyond science. ­However, some people believe destinies can be changed. Some believe we can even provoke luck. And many believe Fortune Tellers can predict the future.

Matthew is a middle-class scholar who falls in love with a poor girl. Soon his plans are undermined by a succession of bad news and in the blink of an eye his life turns completely upside down. Camilla, a Hungarian Fortune Teller, helps him to unveil some well-kept secrets. An apparently conventional love story turns out to be a puzzle full of mysteries, surprises and amazing revelations.

The story is told through dialogues, at times funny and ironic, ­where different characters touch relevant topics, leading to reflections on man-made rules, morality, inappropriate behaviour, and the tendency to blame the destiny for whatever misfortune.

Sometimes in life, certain rules have to be broken to enable individuals to be themselves, thinking and being without restraints or limitations. The authors believe this principle applies not only to the play itself but to its literary style as well.
Alan El-Deir

Alan El-Deir

Alan El-Deir: Brazilian by birth, I have lived and studied in Brazil, Spain, England and Switzerland. I love arts and literature. The power and beauty of words are a magic and fascinating universe. They make my life rich and colourful. I believe that through theatre plays authors and actors not only amuse people but also can transmit key messages to the society.

Sheila El-Deir

Sheila El-Deir

Sheila El-Deir: I have always been a fan of the performing arts. To immerse into new worlds has always fascinated me. As a psychologist, I also very much enjoy the interplay between arts and the human nature, as art is also a portrayal and reflection of the inner human life.

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