The Furnace of Gold

The Furnace of Gold

Philip Verrill Mighels


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Erscheinungsdatum: 07.12.2019

Sprache: Englisch

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Now Nevada, though robed in gray and white-the gray of sagebrush and the white of snowy summits-had never yet been accounted a nun when once again the early summer aroused the passions of her being and the wild peach burst into bloom.

It was out in Nauwish valley, at the desert-edge, where gold has been stored in the hungry-looking rock to lure man away from fairer pastures. There were mountains everywhere-huge, rugged mountains, erected in the igneous fury of world-making, long since calmed. Above them all the sky was almost incredibly blue-an intense ultramarine of extraordinary clearness and profundity.

At the southwest limit of the valley was the one human habitation established thereabout in many miles, a roadside station where a spring of water issued from the earth. Towards this, on the narrow, side-hill road, limped a dusty red automobile.

It contained three passengers, two women and a man. Of the women, one was a little German maid, rather pretty and demure, whose duty it was to enact the chaperone. The other, Beth Kent, straight from New York City, well-the wild peach was in bloom!
Philip Verrill Mighels

Philip Verrill Mighels

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