The Hamburg Model – exemplary integration of youth into vocational education

The Hamburg Model – exemplary integration of youth into vocational education

Elina Priedulena , Max Hogeforster (Hrsg.)


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ISBN-13: 9783738630060

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Erscheinungsdatum: 05.08.2015

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The lack of skilled workforce is one of the biggest problems for European companies – and due to the demographic development, this challenge is growing. At the same time, youth unemployment is on the rise and too many youth are left behind with no education or training at all.

The implementation and the strengthening of the dual vocational education offer valuable contributions to the problem-solving described above. Thus a specific one-year professional qualification within the dual system for young people was successfully introduced in the city of Hamburg, Germany: the so called “Hamburg Model”. This is a proven method to integrate young people into the professional education, who would otherwise not get this chance and too often end up without any training. Moreover, the Hamburg Model makes the choice of the profession more certain, decreases drop-out rates and increases the chances on the labor market significantly. During a two-year implementation period, this Model was adapted, transferred and put into action in Hungary and Lithuania. This book provides a good basis for the transfer to other countries.
Elina Priedulena

Elina Priedulena

 Baltic Sea Academy

Baltic Sea Academy (Hrsg.)

The Baltic Sea Academy is a non-profit network of 17 universities and colleges focusing on education, qualification and R&D for small and medium sized enterprises.

Max Hogeforster

Max Hogeforster (Hrsg.)

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